Smoke Fumigator 3.5g

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The Opkill smoke bomb is a versatile fumigator to eradicate all flying and crawling insects in both small and large spaces.  One fumigator covers an area of 120 m² and can be used for both small enclosed spaces and larger open areas such as bedrooms, garages, shed, crawl spaces.  The product can reach the smallest of holes and crevices that the tiny critters could be hiding within.  The product contains 13.25% w/w Permethrin and 3.5g of product within each fumigator.  The treatment is quick and effective, it takes approximately 2 hours depending on the size of the room and once finished the room needs to be well ventilated. No nasty odours or residue will be left behind so there will be no cleaning required after the treatment has finished.



  1. Place the fumigator on a fireproof base approximately 30 cm X 30cm but NOT in a bucket or other enclosed space.
  2. Take the required number of smoke bombs for the room 
  3. Tear off tag and remove container cap
  4. Light the ignitor with a match NB: If using more than one fumigator in a space they need to be spaced out accordingly around the room and prepare all for ignition before lighting
  5. Light in sequence starting with the furthest
  6. Leave for not less than 2 hours  or one hour per 1.5m of ceiling height
  7. After treatment open windows and doors to ventilate thoroughly

Safety Data Sheets:

Opkill Mini Smoke Single.pdf Opkill Mini Smoke Pack of 4.pdf Opkill Mini Smoke Pack of 6.pdf




  • STRONGEST AVAILABLE IN THE UK TO KILL ALL FLYING & CRAWLING INSECTS: Each Opkill smoke bomb has coverage of 120m² reaching all the areas you wouldn’t be able to do with conventional sprays
  • SIMPLE, & EASY TO USE: Light the wick and smoke fumes will begin to work their way into all the holes and crevices in the room killing all flying and crawling insects in the treated area.
  • USEAGE: Use in enclosed spaces such as bedrooms, apartments, attics, basements, barns, cellars, crawl spaces, garages, homes, sheds, storage areas and trailers.
  • INTEGRAL FOR A COMPREHENSIVE TREATMENT – Opkill smoke Bombs are integral to any comprehensive insect treatment.
  • HEALTH & SAFETY APPROVED: Opkill smoke bombs use Permethrin to kill insects in your home and workplaces and is HSE approved. 
  •  NON-STAINING AND LOW-ODOUR – After ventilation there will be no nasty residues or smells on any household furnishing, making it the perfect treatment in any home or business.

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